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Thanks to everyone that cruised with us last year on the Gary Wong Annual Fireworks Cruise!

The Gary Wong Annual Fireworks Cruise was an idea that spawned in 2016 and it has been a way for award-winning agent Gary Wong to show his appreciation to his clients for their support and referrals.

In the hustle and bustle of life, people don’t often have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views that Vancouver has to offer, so the Gary Wong Annual Fireworks Cruise is a way for Gary’s clients and partners to take the night off and enjoy Vancouver’s beautiful water and city views.

This year, the Gary Wong Annual Fireworks Cruise will be held on one of the evenings of the annual Celebration of Lights fireworks event, so guests can enjoy a Private Up Close and Personal Luxurious view of the fireworks that people sitting on the beach will never be able to experience.

No traffic, no lining up, no large crowds, just an intimate, personal unforgettable event with your loved ones.

Regular tickets for this event are priced up to $200/ticket, but this will be covered by Gary as a way to bless his VIP clients and give them a memorable night out.

This is a private email-invite only function and open to Gary’s VIP clients and VIP business partners only.

Space is limited to 150 guests, so please RSVP asap.

If you’ve received an email invitation from Gary and know someone who’s looking to buy or sell in the next few months and would be a good client for Gary, please let Gary know and he can extend this invitation to that individual.

Boat: Queen of Diamonds, private deck on the UPPER LEVEL

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017

Boarding Time: 6:30pm

Start Time: 7:30pm – 11:30pm

Fireworks Display: 10 – 10:30pm

Destination: English Bay – Fireworks Show

Cost: $200 (Complimentary for Gary Wong Clients)

The Buffet Menu
(alterations possible, please advise if you need any particular dietary changes)

Baron Of Beef Au Jus

Grade ‘A’ Canadian beef seasoned with our secret mix of herbs & spices, slowly roasted to perfection, then carved by the chef. Dijon mustard & horseradish wonderfully compliment this dish.

B.B.Q. Filet Of Salmon

Marinated for 24 hours, broiled to perfection with our own barbecue spice mix. To compliment this dish, a capers & white wine sauce is served.

Roast Potatoes

Peeled, lightly rubbed in spice & oil, oven roasted.

Fresh Market Vegetables

With butter & herbs.

Caesar Salad

With homemade seasoned croutons & freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Corn & Bean Salad

Tender beans & kernel corn in our own secret marinade.

Thai Noodle Salad

Our own original version of East meets West.

Basket Of Buns

Fresh baked French crusty & multigrain dinner rolls.

Dessert Buffet

Chocolate fountain

with various items for drippings such as fruits, profiteroles and cookies.

Also included is cheesecakes and dessert bars.

Fresh Brewed Tea & Coffee

Licensed Cash Bar (outside beverages are not permitted)

Gary Wong, BA, MBA, CNE


Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Investment Advisor

Gary is the author of “The Book on Vancouver Real Estate” and the owner of Vancouver’s Top Real Estate Youtube Channel

As an award-winning REALTOR®, Gary helps affluent individuals build short term wealth through buy and flip strategies and helps them build long term wealth with buy and hold and various cash flow generation strategies.

Gary also works with his investor and developer clients in land and property acquisition, market analysis, design and project marketing.

Gary’s long term real estate acquisition formula has helped his clients from all walks of life to establish real estate portfolios to meet their long term financial goals.

Known for his creative, unconventional and outside of the box marketing methods, he is paving the way for a new standard in the industry.

His goal has always been to add massive value through educating and consulting with his clients for the purpose of building lifetime client relationships.

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